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Shrewsbury is a large market town situated inside the loop of the River Severn, crisscrossing Medieval streets which are lined with over 660 listed buildings, many containing some original and one-off shops, a museum in an old music hall and carved characters peering down at you from a c.1500’s building. Some of the street names truly tell a story – Butcher Row, Fish Street and Grope Lane.

Shrewsbury’s name has evolved from Old English Scrobbesburh, its later Welsh name Amwythig means “fortified place”

The Shrewsbury Castle was founded in 1074 as-well as The Shrewsbury Abbey which was founded in 1083 both of which are visited by thousands of people every year.

From the red sandstone Castle Walls, you’ll see why Shrewsbury Castle was once a place to guard the town. Inside the walls sits the Museum of the Shropshire Regiments, which is dedicated to the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry.

The Shrewsbury Flower Show which is one of the largest annual horticultural events in England attracts visitors from all over the world!

If you’re exploring on foot then don’t miss the Charles Darwin statue situated outside the library. Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury and spent the first 27 years off his life here where he attended Shrewsbury School which was then housed in the library.

The Quantum Leap sculpture on the riverbank opposite Theatre Severn was created to mark Darwin’s 200th Birthday.

Shrewsbury is an pen space where you can slow the pace, with may Historic places with famous steps to retrace. Discover heritage and culture in Shropshire and make sure Shrewsbury’s your base.

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